Product Contact Lens

Product Features
Removes Soft Contact Lenses
Inserts Soft Contact Lenses
Manipulates Soft Contact Lenses
Patented Gripper Pads

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works really wellI bought this based on the reviews here. This is much easier and gentler than using my hands to remove my soft contacts. I also like it for inserting my contacts because I don't have to worry about lint (from towel drying after washing hands).

Published 1 month ago by B. Korger

Product Features
Hard Contact Lens remover
Removal and insertion of Gas Permable

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Elmo My daughter is a young gas perm wearer due to rapidly advancing poor vision. This product has saved her many tears and frustrated moments.

Contact Lenses

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Today just about everyone can wear contact lenses, and there are more healthful and convenient contact lens options than ever before.

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Understanding Your Contact Lens Rx
Why you need a prescription for contact lenses, plus what all those numbers and terms mean on the form. Also an explanation of your legal right to a copy of your prescription.

What to Do if Your Contact Lenses Are Uncomfortable
With so many contact lens and care product choices, there's no reason to suffer.